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 Salmson   VintageGSS ValveThe stem diameter is 8 mm, manufactured from a one piece electrically upset 214N Austinetic stainless steel forging, machined allover, with a Stelite (hard) tip and a pulse plasma nitrided treatment on the valve. There is no hole in the valve stem.
Price: 8 valves 212 GBP + postage

Charles Hausemer
B.S.O.C. 2002 S4C/D Cylinder Head New manufactured heads. 


British Salmson
   Engine & Gearbox

Turns over freely. No cracks or ridge in cylinder bores. Small piece missing at bell housing flange on engine. Missing carburetor, distributor and dynastarter. Have many more photos. $6,000 plus shipping. Parts located in the USA.
Tedd Zamjahn
+1 414 403 7697

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    List of Club Memorabilia for sale . Please contact Alison Blackburn at ali.blackburn6298@gmail.com


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