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SMS Company History

Having prospered in France in the First World War making aero engines, aircrafts and magnetos, the Société de Moteurs Salmson tried expanding into the British Empire market to exploit the demands of the new industry of private flying. And so, the British Salmson Aero Engine Ltd. was established.

The French company also took to the road. Beginning as licensees of the British G.N. Cyclecar, they went on to develop their own range of light cars; beginning with the AL model. Idiosyncratic engineering and exiguous bodies produced exciting cars and good competition results. But the twenties were ending, international economics were making their presence felt and so a new model, the S4, was designed to attract a wider market. It was a commercially successful decision and carried the firm through the thirties.

This S4 was a classical approach to the design of a high performance engine with twin overhead camshafts. The design was the basis of all subsequent Salmson cars even when production continued after the Second World War.

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