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B.S.A.E. Company History


British Salmson Aero Engines Ltd company

With the economic crash at the beginning of the thirties the anticipated business of the British company did not materialize and the falling exchange rate inhibited the importation into Britain of the French made Salmson cars. So the new and under-utilized English factory turned to building an anglicized version of the car – the British Salmson.

The first model to be made in Britain was made in line with the French S4C chassis with a number of different bodies.

The S4C types were followed by the S4D and S6D before the Second World War. After the war there were no more cars manufactured. An engine called Cyclaid to support tired cyclists was produced in the early fifties and the company ended its life in the mid fifties.

The B.S.A.E. company buildings at Raynes Park 20 (close to the famous Wimbledon tennis court) in London were converted to a parking lot in the early seventies.