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British Salmson

This part of the site keeps information about British Salmson products manufactured in the United Kingdom. About 20% of the British Salmson cars made still exist, nearly all in the caring hands of the Members of the British Salmson Owners’ Club. The high survival rate of the cars is due in good measure to the foresight of the Founder Members, who formed the Club in 1952 – just in time to stem the worst ravages of the fifties.

The club has a good spares service for the British Salmson cars. Excellent reproductions of contemporary sales and technical material are available as well as a Technical Library on this site.

We are also very interested to get in touch with persons that have any kind of knowledge about the cars and the company. A British Salmson database is maintained where we follow any significant event that is linked to all individual cars known. If you are interested in cars we are looking for, please click here.