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About the Club

About 20% of the British Salmson cars made still exist, nearly all in the caring hands of 70 or so of the Members of the British Salmson Owners’ Club. The high survival rate of the cars is due in good measure to the foresight of the Founder Members, who formed the Club in 1952 – just in time to stem the worst ravages of the fifties.

Membership of the Club is open to all, whether you own a British or French Salmson, or would like to, or are just interested in them.

The Club also caters for all owners of French-built Salmsons and nearly half of the membership have French Salmsons, mainly Vintage, built in the early days of the Société des Moteurs Salmson 1920 – 1930.

The B.S.O.C. is closely associated with its French counterpart the Amicale Salmson.

The main object of the Club is to foster enthusiasm for the cars and to offer all possible support to those engaged in restoring and running them. We have a high-quality quarterly Newsletter covering all aspects of Salmson history and activity, and providing technical advice. We have an annual weekend rally which includes the A.G.M. and there are occasional other meetings. These are backed up by a good spares service for the British made cars and ready access to spares for the French cars. Excellent reproductions of contemporary sales and technical material are available as well as Club regalia and ephemera such as badges, caps etc.

With so few Salmson Cars having been made, the Club is inevitably small so when you become a Member you are, in effect, joining a family with all the mutual self-help that this brings.

Your application for membership will be welcomed.